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We at BainBridge IT support paperless management and seamless communication and managerial process. Digitization is the ultimate way to easily achieve both these goals. Digitization is the process of changing the format of text, audio and video data into computer friendly format. This enables data to be processed and analysed by computer systems. Our data digitization services include automation of document digitization process to provide a one stop solution for all your digitization needs.

The document digitization process involves going through a huge chunk of data which needs to collect, organised and then converted. To make this entire process easy, we provide data digitization services to ease recording and analysis of data for faster processing and management. This will help companies to easily manage their manual data and save loads of time spent on manually going through piles of documents every time a need arises. This will save the total man hours spent in managing the data on a regular basis. The benefits of this process include safe and secure data management, easy organization of documents, error free management, timely response to clients and ultimately a better overall customer experience.

To help you with the document digitization process we provide a software that comes with three different kinds of login for admins, sub-admins and users (your end users). With users limited to seeing their own data the admins and sub-admins can organise and look for data of any client at the time they want. With one admin being the super user, you stay assured that you give only the required access to sub admins and users. Thus, you get secure data digitization services at your own disposal. By providing on-demand access to the clients for their own documents you also ensure complete transparency and thus improve the level of trust your clients have in you.

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