Tranquil features of BainSociety Management System

The BainSociety offers a solution to all the managerial problems in a society in one go. We combine the inputs from various heads like bylaws, ownership data, meetings, events, maintenance and complaints to bring out a housing society management system that can handle all tasks of managing a society. The BainSociety integrates billing, property management, parking, critical maintenance and grievances through proper reporting, budgeting and centralized control.

From the head of the society to the cleaning staff the activities and performance of every person responsible for the proper functioning of the society can be keenly observed. By eliminating the manual process, you get an error free society management system that handles all the key data related to the management of a housing society. Our paperless society management software ensures a greener and faster way of securely handling society documents. Our integrated accounts and billing software ensures that you incur minimal efforts in billing and managing your organization. Along with this, a proper society management makes tedious tasks of maintaining piles of registers and reports easy. An integrated digital approach makes sure that time is saved in maintaining, updating and seeking records that are required to make important decisions in the organization.

Our resident’s dashboard provides greater transparency in the society affairs thus, improving the level of trusts residents hold on the management. Gone are the days when the selling process ended with the sale of apartments. Customer today look for value for money and as business owners and managers, it is our job to provide that. The BainSociety: Society Management System handles all the complaints and grievances of the residents to provide the best living experience possible. As owners, you get the return with word of mouth publicity and recognition in the market. The trust you develop in the hearts of people is the best value you can achieve and is also the hardest thing to earn.

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